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KVALITETNI DISKO BEND ŠUMA [2015] Posoli ptičijeg


KVALITETNI DISKO BEND ŠUMA [2012] Vulva Meksikana… uvijek musav od ljubavi

KVALITETNI DISKO BEND ŠUMA [2010] Neću više da budem leptiri

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KVALITETNI DISKO BEND ŠUMA [1994] Smijem se iako sam tužan i plačem… u tami

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BRUTALNO PODRIGIVANJE [1996] Pripovjetke naguženog fauna… (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Brutalno Podrigivanje

Pripovjetke naguženog fauna u potrazi za analnim bespućima (cass)

01. Lakiraj mi draga biciklu (Studio-Plitvichka Jezera 1938.)
02. Intervju za bugarsku TV na poljoprivrednoj emisiji “Techno-Grave”
03. Žvala ‘tica nebeska (Live na velikom skupu Europskih postolara u Portugalu na obljetnici “150 000 godina cipele” 1997)
04. Dio iz dokumentarne psiho porno drame o skakavcima i medvjedima “Ružo moja procvala” pt. 1
05. Dio iz dokumentarne psiho porno drame o skakavcima i medvjedima “Ružo moja procvala” pt. 2
06. Lakiraj mi draga biciklu (Live, Tajlandska sado mazo feshta)
07. 8 kila musake (iz rock opere “Lopata” 1924)
08. Chaga po govnima (Nostalgično defektna vodeoo kazzeta “Istočnjački plesovi i običaji 2”; koristi se i na raznim plesnim tečajevima)
09. untitled track
10. Djed Mraz na ponichu (ukradeno iz djeda mrazovog hvalospjeva o njegovim herojstvima “Jebeš poklone”)
11. Outro

1996. — D.I.Y. — Punk, Parody

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Tekst sa NSv1 (16.03.2009.):
***Brutalno Podrigivanje (Brutal Belching would be an English translation of their name) are an unique occurence in history of music. Three memebers of Brutalno Podrigivanje: El Vineros, Bumbaron & Temišvar have been creating music almost throughout all of the 20th century, travelling around the world and spreading their wisdom and good vibration tunes. This tape (which I acquired by bribing an Armenian border guard working on Romania/Moldova border post above Markuševac quadrant) is a pretty rare thing. I don’t know how many copies of this tapes are still in existence, who knows, the one I ripped from for this post might be the only surviving one! Well, I must say that I have no clue when exactly this taped document came out, but I know that Ivana Plechinger, a Croatian pop singer who used their track “Žvala ‘tica nebeska” for her hit song did her thieveing operation back in 1996 so I am presuming that it is the year of the release of this tape. And, when you look at the all encompassing harmony and artistic value of this tape, its year of release isn’t really important, the music is…
OK, now seriously, this tape was released back in 1996 or 1997 by three stooges of Pula punk movement. It is filled with their inside jokes, a lot of it is just spoken word kind of thing, they are having fun, but I doubt it will have any effects on you if you don’t speak Croatian language. The quality of the tape is pretty poor, you can hear the lot of background noises and hissing, but I like it, and that is why I wanted to have it here on Nečista Savjest. It reminds me of a darker (but somewhat innocent) days of 1990’s (Or I should have said happier? Or ignorant times?). I wouldn’t recommend downloading this to anyone who is not from Ex-Yugoslavia region as its appeal would most probably be lost on you.
Info stuff: There is no info on Brutalno Podrigivanje on the Internet, as evil pop/shit/kitsch artists teamed up with C.I.A. to suppress all information on this unique band!!!!***

”WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC [2006] Straight Outta Lynwood

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

“Weird Al” Yankovic

Straight Outta Lynwood


01. White & Nerdy
02. Pancreas
03. Canadian Idiot
04. I’ll Sue Ya
05. Polkarama!
06. Virus Alert
07. Confessions Part III
08. Weasel Stomping Day
09. Close But No Cigar
10. Do I Creep You Out
11. Trapped In The Drive-Thru
12. Don’t Download This Song


01. Don’t Download This Song (Video)
02. I’ll Sue Ya (Video)
03. Virus Alert (Video)
04. Close But No Cigar (Video)
05. Pancreas (Video)
06. Weasel Stomping Day (Video)
07. Behind The Scenes – The Making Of “Straight Outta Lynwood”

2006. — Volcano Entertainment — Parody

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