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ANTI TODOR [1999] Gubitnik (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Anti Todor

Gubitnik (cass)

01. Državna
02. Anarhija
03. Dosada
04. Fuck The Police
05. Gubitnik
06. Patike
07. Periferija
08. Sado mazo
09. Sam
10. Više ne trebam te
11. Zajedno sa vama

1999. — Monte Paradiso — Punk

87 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (14.05.2012.):
*** Anti Todor, or more correctly Antitodor (both versions of the band name are used on the cover of this tape) is a band from town of Pula in Croatia formed in 1996 and “Gubitnik” (Loser) is their first official release (they had 2 demos before it). If you wonder what the band name means – Todor is a nickname of the band’s frontman. After this tape they had 2 more releases, “Ne bojim se” (2004) & “Punker” (2010). Anti Todor play 77’s punk style of music (Sale Veruda of KUD Idijoti fame has apparently helped with the sound) and lyrics cover classic despair and no future themes.
Info stuff: MySpace (in Croatian).***


DESINENCE MORTIFICATION + SPIRIDON MEKAS CRUST (S.M.C.) [1997] Hopeful About The Future split tape (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Desinence Mortification, Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.)

Hopeful About The Future split tape (cass)

01. Desinence Mortification – A Fight For Defeat
02. Desinence Mortification – Greed To Live
03. Desinence Mortification – In The Maelstrom Of Hell
04. Desinence Mortification – Preliminary Campaign-Tricky Game
05. Desinence Mortification – Guilty Conscious
06. Desinence Mortification – Where Does This Hatered Come From
07. Desinence Mortification – Wirepullers
08. Desinence Mortification – Hopeful About The Future
09. Desinence Mortification – Everything Remains The Same
10. Desinence Mortification – Chronical Pleasure
11. Desinence Mortification – We Depend On
12. Desinence Mortification – Proper Problems
13. Desinence Mortification – Amorphous World
14. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Dolaze svemirci (intro)
15. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Recimo ne
16. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Droga
17. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Nijanse
18. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Mass Media + Uništimo moć
19. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Hrvatski populacijski pokret
20. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Otvorite oči
21. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Građanin XY
22. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Ancora quanto
23. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Crkva
24. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Show Of Pain (Hiatus cover)
25. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Optimist
26. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Kaos punk i birračinaaa
27. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Svemirci odlaze warpom (outro)

1997. — Monte Paradiso — Hardcore Punk, Crust, Metal

102 MB — .7z — DL

Desinence Mortification @ Bandcamp -> https://desinencemortification.bandcamp.com/music


Tekst sa NSv1 (23.05.2008.):
***Another legendary release by two legendary bands from town of Pula! Desinence Mortification play this grind metal crust kinda music, with political lyrics. They remind me a bit of Dystopia, but songs are much shorter. S.M.C. (or Spiridon Mekas Crust) are energy all the way, growling politically inspired lyrics that comment on Croatian 1990’s state and all it’s flaws (and there were many to shout about!). Spiridon Mekas is by the way a conspirative name that Josip Broz Tito used while he was in in illegality before WWII. Great release, one of my favourites from the 1990’s!
Info Stuff: Monte Paradiso Netlabel (Flac & Ogg Vorbis download).***