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KURAC OD OVCE [2001] Čovjek s greškom (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Kurac Od Ovce

Čovjek s greškom (cass)

01. Balkanska Filharmonija
02. Poljubi djevojku
03. Odrastanje
04. Proklet bio R’n’R
05. Nada
06. Kolaps
07. Pogled u ništa
08. Za kamiličare II

2001. — Humanita Nova — Punk, Hardcore Punk

60 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (21.05.2008.):
***Kurac Od Ovce (or roughly Sheep’s Dick) were a band from town called Kutina in Croatia. They were one of great bands from that town and were the one of many Kutina’s bands/people involved around Baraka venue/project where I had so many interesting and often drunk nights and seen many good gigs. K.O.O. was formed in 1993 and had a couple of line-up changes. They play a straightforward punk/hc, somewhat reminiscent of bands like No Use For A Name, and have personal lyrics in a straight edge vein but they’re not preaching, they’re angry and they sound bloody good! This tape is their last release (third one) and it’s a double A side release, same tracks on both sides of the tape which was released on Vedran M.’s (of Nula and R.D.K. fame) label Humanita Nova.
Info Stuff: MySpace, K.O.O. @ baraka-kutina.***


PETROGRAD [1999] Who Am I? (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)


Who Am I? (cass)

01. Oak Tree
02. Toys
03. It Takes A Lot More
04. Bungee
05. Mullet
06. Ask Yourself Why
07. Oktober
08. Cotton Myth
09. Agoraphobia
10. Fashion
11. Anarchist Woman
12. Tibet
13. El Nino
14. Popeye
15. What About Me
16. Quicksnap Memories
17. Enomis
18. Haal Doch Op

1999. — Humanita Nova — Anarcho Punk, Hardcore Punk

126 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (10.05.2009.):
***Petrograd was already posted on Nečista Savjest, you can check out that post for some more info about the band and their “Nineoneone” album from 2002 here. In short (and it is short as I don’t know much about this band), Petrograd is a punk band from Luxembourg and they started playing back in 1996. They have this sound, they are melodic but emotional and political in the same time, I guess if I was to give some smart ass review I would say/compare them to The Weakerthans under influence of European angst… I am bullshiting here, I know, I have said that I don’t like doing comparisons and sloting bands in genre drawers, and I am doing it now so screw that, Petrograd are a great band, good personal/political lyrics, music takes you there, and I like them a lot. This tape is Croatian release from Humanita Nova (damn good Croatian label/distro, although I don’t know if it is still active) and as you can see on the cover, it is basically Petrograd’s “Isobelle” album with bonus tracks from their EP’s and split 7”’s.
Info stuff: MySpace, Discogs.***

INTOXICATE + RADIKALNA PROMJENA [1998] split tape (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Intoxicate, Radikalna Promjena

split tape (cass)

01. Intoxicate – Intoxicate
02. Intoxicate – Empty Minded
03. Intoxicate – Blue Fuckers + Multinazionals
04. Intoxicate – Joža Kraster
05. Intoxicate – Human Stench
06. Intoxicate – War
07. Intoxicate – Church Of Hate
08. Intoxicate – Freedom + Modern Technology
09. Radikalna Promjena – Diskonekcija (live)
10. Radikalna Promjena – Papir, plastika, šminka i depresija (live)
11. Radikalna Promjena – Dogma-Man (live)
12. Radikalna Promjena – Sva moć natrag (live)
13. Radikalna Promjena – Industrijski raj (live)
14. Radikalna Promjena – Mi živimo u zemlji Kodak trenutka (live)
15. Radikalna Promjena – Sumrak iluzija (live)
16. Radikalna Promjena – Radikalna promjena (live)

1998. — DHP-AK47, Humanita Nova — Hardcore Punk, Crust

97 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (17.06.2008.):
***Wow! This one is a special treat for me! Intoxicate were a crusty band from town of Samobor and Radikalna Promjena are featured already on Nečista Savjest blog (check it out here). Radikalna Promjena side was recorded live 03.01.1998. on a gig in MKNŽ club in Ilirska Bistica in Slovenia during “Preko zidova nacionalizma i rata” (Over The Walls Of Nationalism And War) tour which was done together with Unutrašnji Bunt from town of Kraljevo in Serbia. Cheers to DHP-AK47 & Humanita Nova for releasing this!***
Iz komentara, još informacija o bendu:
***13.08.2008. – Dezurni Smarac said… “Dobronamerna kritika: Unutrasnji Bunt je iz Kovina, ne iz Kraljeva. SUPER BLOG, keep going!Cheers”***

TITO’S BOJS [2002] Electro Istra

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Tito’s Bojs

Electro Istra

01. Tito’s Bojs Intro
02. Bez komentara
03. Mast i vlast
04. Čika plavi
05. HTV vikend
06. Ovako završe svi
07. Rovinj gori
08. Nonotova pjesma
09. Moštruožo
10. Tajkob+
11. Billy, Billy
12. Ja sam svoj
13. Tito’s Bojs Song
14. Ugasi pogon
15. Osjećam se

2002. — Humanita Nova, Ča, Kurac?! Records — Punk

(Discogs link)

VARIOUS ARTISTS [1997] ”Nećemo i nedamo” benefit compilation (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Various Artists

“Nećemo i nedamo” benefit compilation (cass)

01. Wasserdicht – Medtem ko moliš
02. Wasserdicht – Mind Arrest
03. Guernica Y Luno – La programmo
04. Guernica Y Luno – You Won’t Be Going Alone
05. 3 De Bastos – Las armas
06. 3 De Bastos – Pres’s del reloj
07. Smudos – Starešina 21. veka + YU policijska država
08. Boot Down The Door – Exit
09. Boot Down The Door – You Are Scum
10. Dead Ideas – Rejection
11. Dead Ideas – Stop
12. Oi Polloi – Guilty
13. Oi Polloi – Break The Mould
14. Freak Show – Prejudice Free
15. Freak Show – Pain
16. Scuffy Dogs – Heroj
17. Scuffy Dogs – Revolucija
18. Hoću? Neću! – Propaganda
19. Hoću? Neću! – Strašna tužna istinita
20. Verbalni Delikt – Ekologija
21. Verbalni Delikt – Religijska kuga
22. Those Who Survived The Plague – Smile = Scar

1997. — ZAP / Humanita Nova — Punk, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho Punk

153 MB — .7z — DL

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Tekst sa NSv1 (23.05.2008.):
***“Nećemo i nedamo” was a newsletter that was published by ZAP (Zagreb Anarchist Movement) during the second half of the 1990’s. It had also an English version called “Zaginflatch” so maybe some of you have seen it. This tape is a benefit released for support of before mentioned newsletter and it features European line up of bands from mainly punk/hc style of music. I think it was released in 1997, but don’t take that as a 100% correct since there’s no date on the tape cover.Info stuff: Neither East Nor West Alternative News Service (English versions of “Nećemo i nedamo” aka “Zaginflatch”).***