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INTERVENZIONE [1999] Walls Of Shame (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)


Walls Of Shame (cass)

01. Nos Uniao
02. Acid Rain… Dark Sky
03. Fabulas De Encantar De Joao-Sem-Nome
04. Political Child
05. Walls Of Shame
06. Homeless… We’ll Take A Stand!
07. La Puta Heroina
08. Palavras Ou Duros Sentimentos
09. Empty Society
10. Run You Fool Run
11. Porcos Fascistas (Continuacao)
12. At My Job

1999. — DHP-AK47, Demonkracija — Punk, Hardcore Punk

85 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (13.05.2012.):
*** Intervenzione were a hardcore punk band from Aveiro in Portugal. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about them and all info I’m sharing here comes from the booklet that was attached to the tape cover (included in the DL) and from what I found online. The band formed in 1995 after break-up of Inkisicao, and they were active until 2005. They released few songs on different compilations, had a split 7” with Yuppiecrusher from Sweden, and had 2 full length releases, “Walls Of Shame” (1999) and “Last Screams” (2009).
This tape is a cassette version of Intervenzione’s CD of the same name released by Rastilho Records from Portugal back in 1999.
Info stuff: Discogs, MySpace.***


INTOXICATE + RADIKALNA PROMJENA [1998] split tape (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Intoxicate, Radikalna Promjena

split tape (cass)

01. Intoxicate – Intoxicate
02. Intoxicate – Empty Minded
03. Intoxicate – Blue Fuckers + Multinazionals
04. Intoxicate – Joža Kraster
05. Intoxicate – Human Stench
06. Intoxicate – War
07. Intoxicate – Church Of Hate
08. Intoxicate – Freedom + Modern Technology
09. Radikalna Promjena – Diskonekcija (live)
10. Radikalna Promjena – Papir, plastika, šminka i depresija (live)
11. Radikalna Promjena – Dogma-Man (live)
12. Radikalna Promjena – Sva moć natrag (live)
13. Radikalna Promjena – Industrijski raj (live)
14. Radikalna Promjena – Mi živimo u zemlji Kodak trenutka (live)
15. Radikalna Promjena – Sumrak iluzija (live)
16. Radikalna Promjena – Radikalna promjena (live)

1998. — DHP-AK47, Humanita Nova — Hardcore Punk, Crust

97 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (17.06.2008.):
***Wow! This one is a special treat for me! Intoxicate were a crusty band from town of Samobor and Radikalna Promjena are featured already on Nečista Savjest blog (check it out here). Radikalna Promjena side was recorded live 03.01.1998. on a gig in MKNŽ club in Ilirska Bistica in Slovenia during “Preko zidova nacionalizma i rata” (Over The Walls Of Nationalism And War) tour which was done together with Unutrašnji Bunt from town of Kraljevo in Serbia. Cheers to DHP-AK47 & Humanita Nova for releasing this!***
Iz komentara, još informacija o bendu:
***13.08.2008. – Dezurni Smarac said… “Dobronamerna kritika: Unutrasnji Bunt je iz Kovina, ne iz Kraljeva. SUPER BLOG, keep going!Cheers”***

KRVAVI MANDAT [1999] Krvavi mandat (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Krvavi Mandat

Krvavi mandat (cass)

01. Patrijarhalno smeće
02. Patnja umjesto života
03. Konformista
04. Bog i Hrvati
05. Lažovizija
06. Kroatizacija
07. Birokracija
08. Multiuboice
09. Znanstvenik
10. Tiha većina
11. Glupi fašista
12. Jebene budale
13. Homofobija
14. Kristalno jasno
15. Šume – stotine jutara
16. ABC
17. Stereoidni tipovi
18. Rat zbog hira idiota

1999. — DHP-AK47 — Punk, Hardcore Punk

87 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (10.05.2009.):
***I have given some info about this band in my previous post, but here it goes again. Krvavi Mandat were a legendary crust/punk band from Zagreb. They played in the second part of the 1990’s. I have seen them on gigs from which I have this one funny memory of how while they played it always looked to me like the singer and guitarist will have a fist fight on stage. This is a tape which is a sort of discography of Krvavi Mandat. It has their 2 demos (songs 01-08 are from 1st demo, and songs 09-18 are from the 2nd demo). The tape was released somewhere around 1999 I guess, I am not quite sure of the year, sorry but my memory is sometimes very bad with remembering the exact dates, or years…
The tape was released by DHP-AK47 label/distro, I am also not sure if it had a booklet with it, I was unable to find it in my stack of zines and booklets, but if I manage to dig it up someday, I will post it on here too.
Info stuff: DHP-AK47 @ MySpace.***