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KURAC OD OVCE [2001] Čovjek s greškom (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Kurac Od Ovce

Čovjek s greškom (cass)

01. Balkanska Filharmonija
02. Poljubi djevojku
03. Odrastanje
04. Proklet bio R’n’R
05. Nada
06. Kolaps
07. Pogled u ništa
08. Za kamiličare II

2001. — Humanita Nova — Punk, Hardcore Punk

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Tekst sa NSv1 (21.05.2008.):
***Kurac Od Ovce (or roughly Sheep’s Dick) were a band from town called Kutina in Croatia. They were one of great bands from that town and were the one of many Kutina’s bands/people involved around Baraka venue/project where I had so many interesting and often drunk nights and seen many good gigs. K.O.O. was formed in 1993 and had a couple of line-up changes. They play a straightforward punk/hc, somewhat reminiscent of bands like No Use For A Name, and have personal lyrics in a straight edge vein but they’re not preaching, they’re angry and they sound bloody good! This tape is their last release (third one) and it’s a double A side release, same tracks on both sides of the tape which was released on Vedran M.’s (of Nula and R.D.K. fame) label Humanita Nova.
Info Stuff: MySpace, K.O.O. @ baraka-kutina.***

Foetor Pedum #03 [2001]

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Foetor Pedum #03

godina: 2001.

broj strana: 28 A4

jezik: hrvatski

zemlja: Republika Hrvatska

sadržaj: Pisma čitatelja, strip – Zaboravite beton, Onanija i pornografija, Direktor i profesor, intervju – Freedom Fighter 942, Carstvo gotičke tame, intervju – Klint Westwood, strip – Čovjek Govno, Pitajte Cvikeraša, Priče iz limba, kolaži.

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NO DOUBT [2001] Rock Steady

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

No Doubt

Rock Steady

01. Intro
02. Hella Good
03. Hey Baby
04. Making Out
05. Underneath It All
06. Detective
07. Don’t Let Me Down
08. Start The Fire
09. Running
10. In My Head
11. Platinum Blonde Life
12. Waiting Room
13. Rock Steady

2001. — Interscope Records — Pop

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BURNING SPEAR [2001] Reggae Greats

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Burning Spear

Reggae Greats

01. Door Peep
02. Slavery Days
03. Lion
04. Black Disciples
05. Man In The Hills
06. Tradition
07. Throw Down Your Arms
08. Social Living
09. Marcus Garvey
10. Dry & Heavy
11. Black Wa-Da-Da (Invasion)
12. The Sun

2001. — Spectrum Music — Reggae

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DONNAS, THE [2001] Turn 21

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

The Donnas

Turn 21

01. Are You Gonna Move It For Me
02. Do You Wanna Hit It
03. 40 Boys In 40 Nights
04. Play My Game
05. Midnite Snack
06. Drivin’ Thru My Heart
07. You’ve Got A Crush On Me
08. Little Boy
09. Don’t Get Me Busted
10. Police Blitz
11. Hot Pants
12. Gimme A Ride
13. Living After Midnight
14. Nothing To Do + Drivin’ Thru My Heart

2001. — Lookout! Records/Epitaph — Punk Rock

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