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INTERVENZIONE [1999] Walls Of Shame (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)


Walls Of Shame (cass)

01. Nos Uniao
02. Acid Rain… Dark Sky
03. Fabulas De Encantar De Joao-Sem-Nome
04. Political Child
05. Walls Of Shame
06. Homeless… We’ll Take A Stand!
07. La Puta Heroina
08. Palavras Ou Duros Sentimentos
09. Empty Society
10. Run You Fool Run
11. Porcos Fascistas (Continuacao)
12. At My Job

1999. — DHP-AK47, Demonkracija — Punk, Hardcore Punk

85 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (13.05.2012.):
*** Intervenzione were a hardcore punk band from Aveiro in Portugal. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about them and all info I’m sharing here comes from the booklet that was attached to the tape cover (included in the DL) and from what I found online. The band formed in 1995 after break-up of Inkisicao, and they were active until 2005. They released few songs on different compilations, had a split 7” with Yuppiecrusher from Sweden, and had 2 full length releases, “Walls Of Shame” (1999) and “Last Screams” (2009).
This tape is a cassette version of Intervenzione’s CD of the same name released by Rastilho Records from Portugal back in 1999.
Info stuff: Discogs, MySpace.***


ANTI TODOR [1999] Gubitnik (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Anti Todor

Gubitnik (cass)

01. Državna
02. Anarhija
03. Dosada
04. Fuck The Police
05. Gubitnik
06. Patike
07. Periferija
08. Sado mazo
09. Sam
10. Više ne trebam te
11. Zajedno sa vama

1999. — Monte Paradiso — Punk

87 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (14.05.2012.):
*** Anti Todor, or more correctly Antitodor (both versions of the band name are used on the cover of this tape) is a band from town of Pula in Croatia formed in 1996 and “Gubitnik” (Loser) is their first official release (they had 2 demos before it). If you wonder what the band name means – Todor is a nickname of the band’s frontman. After this tape they had 2 more releases, “Ne bojim se” (2004) & “Punker” (2010). Anti Todor play 77’s punk style of music (Sale Veruda of KUD Idijoti fame has apparently helped with the sound) and lyrics cover classic despair and no future themes.
Info stuff: MySpace (in Croatian).***

PETROGRAD [1999] Who Am I? (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)


Who Am I? (cass)

01. Oak Tree
02. Toys
03. It Takes A Lot More
04. Bungee
05. Mullet
06. Ask Yourself Why
07. Oktober
08. Cotton Myth
09. Agoraphobia
10. Fashion
11. Anarchist Woman
12. Tibet
13. El Nino
14. Popeye
15. What About Me
16. Quicksnap Memories
17. Enomis
18. Haal Doch Op

1999. — Humanita Nova — Anarcho Punk, Hardcore Punk

126 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (10.05.2009.):
***Petrograd was already posted on Nečista Savjest, you can check out that post for some more info about the band and their “Nineoneone” album from 2002 here. In short (and it is short as I don’t know much about this band), Petrograd is a punk band from Luxembourg and they started playing back in 1996. They have this sound, they are melodic but emotional and political in the same time, I guess if I was to give some smart ass review I would say/compare them to The Weakerthans under influence of European angst… I am bullshiting here, I know, I have said that I don’t like doing comparisons and sloting bands in genre drawers, and I am doing it now so screw that, Petrograd are a great band, good personal/political lyrics, music takes you there, and I like them a lot. This tape is Croatian release from Humanita Nova (damn good Croatian label/distro, although I don’t know if it is still active) and as you can see on the cover, it is basically Petrograd’s “Isobelle” album with bonus tracks from their EP’s and split 7”’s.
Info stuff: MySpace, Discogs.***

KRVAVI MANDAT [1999] Krvavi mandat (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Krvavi Mandat

Krvavi mandat (cass)

01. Patrijarhalno smeće
02. Patnja umjesto života
03. Konformista
04. Bog i Hrvati
05. Lažovizija
06. Kroatizacija
07. Birokracija
08. Multiuboice
09. Znanstvenik
10. Tiha većina
11. Glupi fašista
12. Jebene budale
13. Homofobija
14. Kristalno jasno
15. Šume – stotine jutara
16. ABC
17. Stereoidni tipovi
18. Rat zbog hira idiota

1999. — DHP-AK47 — Punk, Hardcore Punk

87 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (10.05.2009.):
***I have given some info about this band in my previous post, but here it goes again. Krvavi Mandat were a legendary crust/punk band from Zagreb. They played in the second part of the 1990’s. I have seen them on gigs from which I have this one funny memory of how while they played it always looked to me like the singer and guitarist will have a fist fight on stage. This is a tape which is a sort of discography of Krvavi Mandat. It has their 2 demos (songs 01-08 are from 1st demo, and songs 09-18 are from the 2nd demo). The tape was released somewhere around 1999 I guess, I am not quite sure of the year, sorry but my memory is sometimes very bad with remembering the exact dates, or years…
The tape was released by DHP-AK47 label/distro, I am also not sure if it had a booklet with it, I was unable to find it in my stack of zines and booklets, but if I manage to dig it up someday, I will post it on here too.
Info stuff: DHP-AK47 @ MySpace.***

P.A.I.N. FEATURING HOWARD MARKS [1999] Let Me Grow More Weed (CD single)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

P.A.I.N. Featuring Howard Marks

Let Me Grow More Weed (CD single)

01. Let Me Grow More Weed
02. P.A.I.N.
03. Road Rage (Ad For RTS, The J18 Mix)

1999. — Iron Man Records — Punk, Reggae, Dub, Ska

(Discogs link)

(P.A.I.N. @ Iron Man Records)

VARIOUS ARTISTS [1999] Benefit za Infoshop (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Various Artists

Benefit za Infoshop (cass)

01. S.P.K. – Stop Fights On Gigs
02. Gone Bald – Srca šum
03. Autonomy – Autonomy
04. Pessimistic Lines – A Woman
05. AK-47 – Crno-crvene brigade
06. Wat Tyler – New Life
07. Dislike – Victims Of Progress
08. Slonica Slavica – Đungla
09. Krvavi Mandat – Homofobija
10. T.R.B.U.H. – Tech-No-T.R.B.U.H. (Kill)
11. D.N.S. – Turkish Taxi
12. Phill Hutchings – A Song
13. Sprovod – Those Who Believe Shall Die
14. Loš Primjer – Ugrožena vrsta
15. Demant – Bolesni umovi
16. Šumski – Bolivija
17. Jabbatzuga – Šljakerska
18. Antifrik – Nemam vremena
19. Senseless – Rakija (Doom cover)
20. Radikalna Promjena – Dogma Man
21. Nula – Put
22. Kvalitetni Disko Bend Šuma – (Đeri Haso) Disko pastir

1999. — Crustafari Productions / Inercija / Attack Infoshop — Hardcore Punk, Grind, Noise, Death Metal, Punk, Post Rock, Experimental

137 MB — .7z — DL

(Discogs link)

Tekst sa NSv1 (27.10.2008.):
***This compilation tape was released as a benefit (hence the title) for Attack’s Infoshop. Attack (short for Autonomna Tvornica Kulture or Autonomous Culture Factory) was this non-profit organization, almost a coalition of different groups and individuals formed back in 1997 (I think, cos memories are somewhat blurred). Infoshop was a fun part of it all, one could drink a proper coffee there, buy zines (and steal them as many assholes have done), talk to kind and friendly bartenders (who are also responsible for making this tape possible) and generally kill time with a feeling of making a difference. Attack exists even now, it is not dead yet, but to tell you the truth, I have not been involved in it for a long long time, and I have no clue in what it turned out into and I don’t really want to know. Well, enough about memories of past times, the tape is mainly Croatian bands, with a few exceptions (Autonomy, Wat Tyler, Phill Hutchings…), music is varied, ranging from dirty punk and anarchist hardcore to some experimental type of music, it is really hard to describe it all. I must warn you that the quality of recordings is pretty low cos most bands donated either live or demo tracks.
Info stuff: Attack.***

Foetor Pedum #01 [1999]

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Foetor Pedum #01

godina: 1999

broj strana: 28 A4

jezik: hrvatski

zemlja: Republika Hrvatska

sadržaj: Krmelj poezija, Baka Sveznadar i Deda Harpundžija, intervju – An Experiment With Nature, Brkati tipovi, Obucite Skeletora, Car Means Murder, Naturi pa zarađuj, intervju – Ripper, Mi sotone, Plati pa se moli, Zvali su ga riba, Grafiti, Vlada nam se mora ispričati, intervju – S.M.R.T., Priče iz limba, kolaži.

40,6 MB — .cbz — DL