SKRETNIČARI [1992] Sjene sa pruge (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)


Sjene sa pruge (cass)

01. Trfo
02. Bob Rock sluša punk rock
03. Dobro jutro
04. Dva Ferala
05. Banda
06. Ruža na betonu
07. Sjene sa pruge
08. U.K.D.K.
09. Čelzijeva zvijezda
10. Svi za jednoga
11. Nema mjesta za nas

1992. — ŽTP Rekordz — Punk

69 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (14.05.2012.):
***Skretničari (closest translation I could find is “Signalmen”, like in “people who operate the rail-road switches”) were a punk band from Zagreb formed in early 1990’s. They broke up after few years due to personal tragedies (death of a member in 1993). “Sjene sa pruge” (or “Shadows From The Rail-road”) is their first and only release from that period. They reformed years later with a new line-up and released one CD (2006) and played in front of The Anti-Nowhere League in 2009. I got no clue if they’re still active, I haven’t seen any announcements of them playing somewhere recently, and as it is often the case with bands from this part of the world, it’s almost impossible to find any decent info about them online.
On a personal note, I gotta say that this is my favourite Zagreb’s street punk band of the time (early 1990’s). Their sound reminds me a little of Angelic Upstarts, and their lyrics are talking about stuff & people & feelings I could identify with at the time this tape came out. Be it drinking in the park (“Banda”) or real people they were describing (“Trfo”) or just a feeling of despair that comes from living during shitty times in a shitty capital of a shitty country. Lots of shit to fight through in life, yeah, but this release somehow still makes me feel better, even when I listen to it now.***


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