BAD JUSTICE [1995] Greed (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Bad Justice

Greed (cass)

01. Greed (intro)
02. Reject The System
03. You Have To Go
04. Dead Police
05. Believe
06. Fuck The War
07. Uništiti politiku
08. Voice Of Future
09. Šabane!
10. Piccadilly Circus
11. 10
12. Dictator Speech (outro)

1995. — D.I.Y. — Punk, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho Punk

61 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (17.06.2008.):
***Bad Justice were a political punk/core/trash/grind band from a town of Požega in Croatia. As far as I know and can remember they were formed in 1993 and were very active during second half of the 1990’s. This tape called “Greed” is their first release, they also appeared on numerous tape compilations and also have released a split CD with Radikalna Promjena back in 1999. They had many lineup changes, but I have to admit that I like them best as they sound on this tape I’m posting here, cos I like their dirty, unpolished sound, and listening this after so many years brought back nice memories of people involved with this band. Also hearing last song “Dictator Speech (outro)” in which they mixed speeches of Franjo Tuđman (Croatian president at that time) and Nazis sent chills down my spine cos it reminded me how awful and scary living was in 1990’s Croatia… I could find no info about Bad Justice on the net, but I scanned the booklet and added it to the album folder. ***


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