AGITATOR + UNUTRAŠNJI BUNT [1996] Za koga? Zbog čega? split tape (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Agitator, Unutrašni Bunt

Za koga? Zbog čega? split tape (cass)

01. Agitator – Užas
02. Agitator – Ljudi
03. Agitator – Mrtav + Cena slave
04. Agitator – Fighter
05. Unutrašnji Bunt – Intro
06. Unutrašnji Bunt – Ujedinimo se!
07. Unutrašnji Bunt – Nedam te
08. Unutrašnji Bunt – Danas i sutra
09. Unutrašnji Bunt – You Take Part In Creating The System (Discharge cover)

1996. — D.I.Y. — Punk, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho Punk

60 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (14.05.2012.):
***”Za koga? Zbog čega?” (roughly translated – “For who? For what?”) is a self-released split tape of Agitator from Sombor, and Unutrašnji Bunt from Kovin, both cities in Serbia. Both bands play pretty rough hardcore punk (actually, on the tape cover, you can see how they describe their genres themselves). Agitator have male vocals, while Unutrašnji Bunt (it means something like “Internal Revolt”) have dual (male & female) vocals. Lyrics are usual for bands from this region during the 1990’s (war time in Balkans) and deal with war and system oppression. I have no clue if these two bands are still active, since I couldn’t find any info on them online.***


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