SPIRIDON MEKAS CRUST (S.M.C.) + KRVAVI MANDAT + GAMAD [1996] Voliš Hrvatsku? (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.), Krvavi Mandat, Gamad

Voliš Hrvatsku? (cass)

01. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Uništimo moć
02. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Religija
03. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – HPP (Hrvatski populacijski pokret)
04. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Ancora Quanto
05. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Show Of Pain (Hiatus cover)
06. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Mass Media (Enklava cover)
07. Spiridon Mekas Crust (S.M.C.) – Kaos punk i biračina
08. Gamad – Veseli početak
09. Gamad – Poslanica
10. Gamad – Jer vi…
11. Gamad – Loše danas za još gore sutra
12. Gamad – Religija vamo-tamo
13. Gamad – Boycott McDonald’s
14. Gamad – Život običnog malog čovjeka
15. Gamad – Volim piti
16. Gamad – Mi smo policajci
17. Krvavi Mandat – Šume – stotine jutara svake minute
18. Krvavi Mandat – Uništimo patriotizam
19. Krvavi Mandat – Lažovizija
20. Krvavi Mandat – Moć pojedinca
21. Krvavi Mandat – Rat zbog hira idiota
22. Krvavi Mandat – Božja država
23. Krvavi Mandat – Birokracija
24. Krvavi Mandat – Jebene budale
25. Krvavi Mandat – Stereoidni tipovi
26. Gamad – Ružan san (rehearsal)
27. Gamad – Ovisnička sjena + Guzimo se svi (rehearsal)

1996. — Bloody Murderer Tapes — Punk, Hardcore Punk, Crust

117 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (10.05.2009.):
***Ok, this tape is very dear to me, I used to listen to it a lot back at the time when it came out. It should have been a split tape between S.M.C. (btw, you can find S.M.C.’s split tape with Desinence Mortification in my previous post) and Krvavi Mandat, but I guess as Dado B. who put this release together hated to waste tape, he added Gamad as a bonus on it. S.M.C. were a great crust/grind/punk band from the town of Pula, some folks from S.M.C. are now playing in Bolesno Grinje (a band I recommend checking out if you’re interested in crust/hardcore/punk – try their Official page or their MySpace). Krvavi Mandat were from Zagreb and are considered to be one of legendary crust/punk bands from here (I had a lot of requests for uploading them, so I guess they are still remembered). Gamad was a side project band for Tarić, the singer of Krvavi Mandat, and beside this release I think Gamad never released anything else…
Well, I hope you will like this post, and like it usually goes with D.I.Y. Croatian tapes from the 1990’s, I must warn you that the quality of this recording isn’t the best, but if you just play it loudest you can all will be fine (except, maybe, your neighbours will hate you even more).***


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