NULA [1994] Pobjedimo laž (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)


Pobjedimo laž (cass)

01. Pobjedimo laž + Kurvini sinovi
02. Nazi ragazzi – scum
03. Religija za HRD(m)
04. Demokracija
05. Pamet u glavu
06. Moralna
07. Nismo s vama
08. Ljubavna pjesma ’92
09. Anarhija
10. Heroji luđaci i kukavice
11. Žrtve
12. Besmislenost
13. Tupilo
14. S.O.S.
15. Pamet u glavu (live)
16. STRATUS – Snobovi
17. STRATUS – Rob
18. Dajte nam to što želimo
19. Pandurska idila
20. Opstanak
21. Ubica
22. Radnička kravata
23. U vinu je spas
24. Priča
25. Nula + Mi smo Nula
26. Zlo
27. Agonija gladnih
28. Napredak?
29. Sloboda?
30. Varijacija na istu temu
31. Sloboda!
32. Pobjedimo laž (live) + Kurvini sinovi (live)
33. Nazi ragazzi – scum (live)
34. Tupilo (live)

1994. — D.I.Y. — Punk, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho Punk

231 MB — .7z — DL


Tekst sa NSv1 (21.05.2008.):
***Wow! What to say about this one… This is, for me personally, one of the most important releases that ever came out in Croatia. I was a young punk then, back in 1994 when this came out, and I knew about anarchist attitudes since I’ve been listening to old bands like Crass and Conflict but this one really hit me hard. I’ll try to explain it if I can, it was bloody 1994, war in Croatia was still going on, Generalissimus (wannabe!) Franjo Tuđman (Croatian president, I’m sorry he died only cos if he lived he would be sent to UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague and the bastard deserved it!) was firmly in power, people were crazy from nationalism and war, and then I get this tape, from a very brave 5 piece band from town of Šibenik nonetheless. The town of Šibenik was then in a war zone, and boys from Nula are telling/yelling it to the politicians, cops, army, church, idiots…. They’re screaming to those bastards – fuck you, we wanna live our lives! It had a great impact on me, it made me more angry at the war, at the way I’m living in this nationalistic lie, it made me hate the haters. Nula (english Zero) released this “Pobjedimo laž” (or something like “Let’s Defeat The Lie”) tape and my life was never the same afterwards (I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true). Songs 01-17 are from A side, and 18-34 from B side. Last two songs on A side (16 & 17) are from a band called Stratus, also from Šibenik. I think Stratus released one demo tape but as a band they were short lived. Nula later released a whole bunch of stuff, some of them were a split LP with Bijes Zdravog Razuma, split with Bagger from Switzerland, 10” split with Enough from Poland etc. One thing I must add is that it’s a big release (in MBs) cos it’s almost 90 minutes of tape and I’ve scanned the booklet with all the artwork (booklet was a split release with Glans Penises #6 fanzine done by a Nula drummer Vedran M.) which I also added to this download.***


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