VARIOUS ARTISTS [1998] Nova Scotian Jigs & Reels (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Various Artists

Nova Scotian Jigs & Reels (cass)

01. Disabuse – Rise Above Instinct
02. Disabuse – Voice Your Opinion
03. Disabuse – Innocents To Ignorance
04. Disabuse – I Live On Shame
05. Disabuse – Sad Future
06. Disabuse – Manfish Rampage
07. Moronic Plague – Drop The Bomb
08. Moronic Plague – Rollins Is An Idiot
09. Moronic Plague – Indifferent
10. Moronic Plague – Windwalker
11. Moronic Plague – Mother
12. System Shit – too many songs to list!
13. Wohedness – Little Fellows
14. Wohedness – Mutantville
15. Test Tube Mutants – Need A Change
16. Test Tube Mutants – Televised Suffering
17. Test Tube Mutants – Corporate Monopoly
18. Test Tube Mutants – No More
19. Test Tube Mutants – C.S. (N.D.)
20. Test Tube Mutants – After The Destruction
21. Test Tube Mutants – Goun’t Rape
22. Test Tube Mutants – Who’s To Blame
23. Test Tube Mutants – Will The Day Come
24. Test Tube Mutants – Holy Deadlock
25. Test Tube Mutants – Encased In Murder
26. Test Tube Mutants – For All The Wrong Reasons
27. The Chitz – The Cycle
28. The Chitz – Tables Turned
29. The Chitz – Cheap Shot
30. The Chitz – Reactionary
31. The Chitz – Model Citizen
32. The Chitz – Positive
33. The Chitz – Cred

1998. — Fecal Forces Productions / Bloody Murderer Tapes — Crust, Grind, Hardcore Punk

121 MB — .7z — DL

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Tekst sa NSv1 (27.10.2008.):
***This one (as many other tapes) found its way to me through Dado B. (aka Marva) who ran Bloody Murderer Tapes label/distro. It says it is a benefit tape of some sort, but kill me, I have no recollection for what, well, all Marva’s tapes were a benefit for something I guess. The tape itself was put together and cover for it drawn/made by Kukatz and his Fecal Forces Productions. It features five bands who are all from town of Halifax, capital of Nova Scotia province of Canada. Music ranges from crust, grind to fast angry hardcore. I quite like this compilation as I never heard any of the bands before.
Info stuff: The Nova Scotia Punk And Rock Scene page.***


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