VARIOUS ARTISTS [1997] ”Nećemo i nedamo” benefit compilation (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Various Artists

“Nećemo i nedamo” benefit compilation (cass)

01. Wasserdicht – Medtem ko moliš
02. Wasserdicht – Mind Arrest
03. Guernica Y Luno – La programmo
04. Guernica Y Luno – You Won’t Be Going Alone
05. 3 De Bastos – Las armas
06. 3 De Bastos – Pres’s del reloj
07. Smudos – Starešina 21. veka + YU policijska država
08. Boot Down The Door – Exit
09. Boot Down The Door – You Are Scum
10. Dead Ideas – Rejection
11. Dead Ideas – Stop
12. Oi Polloi – Guilty
13. Oi Polloi – Break The Mould
14. Freak Show – Prejudice Free
15. Freak Show – Pain
16. Scuffy Dogs – Heroj
17. Scuffy Dogs – Revolucija
18. Hoću? Neću! – Propaganda
19. Hoću? Neću! – Strašna tužna istinita
20. Verbalni Delikt – Ekologija
21. Verbalni Delikt – Religijska kuga
22. Those Who Survived The Plague – Smile = Scar

1997. — ZAP / Humanita Nova — Punk, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho Punk

153 MB — .7z — DL

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Tekst sa NSv1 (23.05.2008.):
***“Nećemo i nedamo” was a newsletter that was published by ZAP (Zagreb Anarchist Movement) during the second half of the 1990’s. It had also an English version called “Zaginflatch” so maybe some of you have seen it. This tape is a benefit released for support of before mentioned newsletter and it features European line up of bands from mainly punk/hc style of music. I think it was released in 1997, but don’t take that as a 100% correct since there’s no date on the tape cover.Info stuff: Neither East Nor West Alternative News Service (English versions of “Nećemo i nedamo” aka “Zaginflatch”).***


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