VARIOUS ARTISTS [1997] Aussie 3-Way Split Tape! (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Various Artists

Aussie 3-Way Split Tape! (cass)

01. Drunkard – Humanity
02. Drunkard – Confusion
03. Drunkard – I Don’t Wanna Hear It
04. Drunkard – Drunk Edge
05. Drunkard – Blind Consumerism
06. Drunkard – Now’s The Time
07. Drunkard – Search For Drunk #2
08. Drunkard – Genocide (live)
09. Drunkard – Christianity (live)
10. Drunkard – What About (live)
11. Drunkard – Total Dribble (live)
12. Drunkard – Humanity (live)
13. Drunkard – Confusion (live)
14. Drunkard – Blind Consumerism (live)
15. Drunkard – Drunk Edge (live)
16. Drunkard – Now’s The Time (live)
17. Drunkard – Mad Doctors (live)
18. Drunkard – I Don’t Wanna Hear It (live)
19. Phobia – Bloodfest
20. Phobia – Punters Club Cunts
21. Phobia – PC Fascist
22. Phobia – Racial Nightmare
23. Phobia – Nazi Scum
24. Phobia – False Promises
25. Phobia – Kill ‘Em All (Health Hazard cover)
26. Phobia – Instrumental Song
27. Stand Against – Flinders St.
28. Stand Against – Goon Song
29. Stand Against – 14 Days
30. Stand Against – Bred To Hate
31. Stand Against – Let Me Rot Pt. 2
32. Stand Against – Night Of 1000 Promises
33. Stand Against – Sedated
34. Stand Against – Arsehole Bastard

1997. — Tapes Are Cool — Crust, Grind, Hardcore Punk

113 MB — .7z — DL

Tekst sa NSv1 (27.10.2008.):
***I got this tape through Dado B. (aka Marva) who ran Bloody Murderer Tapes label/distro. This tape is a compilation of three Australian bands which all hail from Richmond, town/suburb of Melbourne. Basically, as I was able to decipher from the cover, this is three releases being put on one tape: Drunkard’s “Confusion demo ’97” (released originally on Beerache Productions), Phobia’s self titled demo and Stand Against’s “Bred To Hate” demo. At the time I got this tape I have not heard of any of the bands on it but later I got hold of the “Riot On Ramsay Street” CD compilation and on it you can find one song by Phobia and one by Stand Against, together with some quite interesting bands, so keep your eyes open for that one. Music on this 3-way tape is crust/grind/punk type, and quality of recordings varies from band to band. I personally like Phobia best at the moment, but Stand Against are closing in fast. It’s brutal, and it’s energetic, so just play it loudest you can and enjoy!!!***


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