VARIOUS ARTISTS [1995] Prvi korak (cass)

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Various Artists

Prvi korak (cass)

01. Debeli Precjednik – Ne
02. Debeli Precjednik – Zajedno
03. Debeli Precjednik – Bez mozga
04. Nospeedlimit – Techno Sucks
05. Nospeedlimit – Called Rights
06. Nospeedlimit – Like Another Fear
07. Apatridi – Jurišnici
08. Apatridi – We Remember You
09. Atheist Rap – Felićita
10. Atheist Rap – Ljubav
11. Bad Justice – Voice Of Future
12. Bad Justice – Šabane!!!
13. Bad Justice – Piccadilly Circus
14. Mitesers – Mige nema bubanj
15. Mitesers – Kesa
16. Mitesers – Jokić je konj
17. Bijes Zdravog Razuma – Find The Strength (live)
18. Bijes Zdravog Razuma – Homeless? Hungry? (live)
19. Bijes Zdravog Razuma – Words Of Anger (live)
20. Provokacija – Poverenje je imaginacija
21. Provokacija – Zašto
22. Frontalni Udar – Probudi se
23. Frontalni Udar – To je punk
24. Antitude – Join The Fight
25. Antitude – Stupid Nation
26. Antitude – Jedna zemlja

1995. — M/F Scum Records — Punk, Hardcore Punk

124 MB — .7z — DL

(Discogs link)

Tekst sa NSv1 (17.06.2008.):
***“Prvi korak” (or “The First Step”) is one of my favourite compilations from the 1990’s since it was from this tape I first heard of bands like Atheist Rap that I love and listen to still to this day. Tape features bands from Croatia and Serbia (well, actually all from Novi Sad) and their music styles range from melodic punk/hc to growling hardcore. It was released by M/F Scum Records run by two guys from towns of Našice and Osijek who also did a fanzine called “M/F Scum”. “Prvi korak” also came with a booklet and it is included in the download file.***


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