WAT TYLER [1995] Tummy

(sken: NS)

(sken: NS)

Wat Tyler


01. Justify Your Book
02. Poems On The Underground
03. It Makes Me Belch
04. My Dead Relation
05. Hops And Barley (Acoustic)
06. Coming Home
07. Perry Groves
08. You’ve Stolen My Heart
09. The Definitive Love Song
10. How Does Ed Cope?
11. Dodgepotterydo
12. Billy Bonds Claret And Blue Army
13. Discipline
14. Not Supersticious
15. James Whale
16. My Dead Relation
17. Operation Ivy And Don Brennan
18. Rude Girl
19. Ruder Girl
20. If The Kids Are United
21. Real Shocks
22. Smells Like Dog Poo
23. Our Wedding
24. 100% Top Quality
25. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
26. Song For Guy Fawkes
27. Masters Of The Universe
28. Fat Wa
29. Fat Wa (Arabic)
30. Four Minute Puzzle
31. Eternal Triangle
32. Profercy
33. Somehow
34. Too Young Too Bitter
35. Played For And Got
36. Big Girls Blouse
37. Wet Wet Wet (The Fucking Bed)
38. Rude Girl
39. The Little People Make Lurve
40. Fuck Pump
41. We Curse You A Wicked Satan
42. Steven Do
43. A Crappy Song For A Crappy Compilation

1995. — Rugger Bugger Discs/Gap Recordings — Punk

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