2014-11-22 – HC/PUNK HISTORY 2 @ AKC Medika – Attack!, Zagreb


21:30 – 01:45

HC/Punk History 2 – Totalni Promašaj + AK47 + Nuclear Altar + No Limits

AKC Medika – Attack!, Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

sajt link -> http://www.attack.hr/


NO LIMITS (Koper, Slovenija)

band link -> http://www.reverbnation.com/nolimitsslo

IMG_20141122_214832 - No Limits

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141122_215931 - No Limits

(foto: NS)


band link -> http://nuclearaltar.blogspot.com/

bandcamp -> http://nuclearaltar.bandcamp.com/

IMG_20141122_231023 - Nuclear Altar

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141122_231037 - Nuclear Altar

(foto: NS)

AK47 (Zagreb)

IMG_20141122_233530 - AK47

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141122_233602 - AK47

(foto: NS)

TOTALNI PROMAŠAJ (Kraljevo, Srbija)

IMG_20141123_002011 - Totalni Promašaj

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141123_003559 - Totalni Promašaj

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141123_003603 - Totalni Promašaj

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141123_003615 - Totalni Promašaj

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141123_003619 - Totalni Promašaj

(foto: NS)

Totalni Promašaj/Hoću? Neću!

IMG_20141123_011443 - Totalni Hoću Promašaj Neću

(foto: NS)

IMG_20141123_011506 - Totalni Hoću Promašaj Neću

(foto: NS)


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